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      Product Overview Dimension Drawing Technical Parameter Download Center
      Product Overview

      Gastric Tube

      The anterior segment of the tube is blunted to protect the esophagus and gastric mucosa. The holes on multi-side of the tube ensure unobstructed operation. The tube wall is radiopaque. The multi-purpose connector can be connected with a syringe and a suction device. The material is soft and comfortable to use.


      Product Details

      1. The product is made of medical polymer materials.

      2. The product is composed of special passivation tubes (including barium wire) and special suction connectors. Individually packaged.

      3. Product Sterilization: Ethylene oxide sterilization, single use.


      Applicable Department

      General ward, ICU.


      Scope Of Application

      The product is suitable for patients needing common gastric tube treatment.

      Dimension Drawing
      Technical Parameter
      Download Center
      Gastric Tube Download

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