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      Product Overview Dimension Drawing Technical Parameter Download Center
      Product Overview

      Nebulizer (mouthpiece-type)

      The liquid medicine is fully nebulized to a uniform mist of appropriate volume and reaches the distal bronchi for maximal absorption.

      Performance Structure

      1. The product is made of medical polymer materials.

      2. The product is composed of oxygen tubing, a nebulizing cup, a nebulizing nozzle, corrugated tubes, an air filter and T-shaped tee. packaged individually.

      3. Product Sterilization: Ethylene oxide sterilization, single use

      Applicable Department

      General department, ICU, respiratory ward.

      Scope Of Application

      Suitable for nebulization treatment of patients with respiratory system diseases.
      Dimension Drawing
      Technical Parameter
      Download Center
      Nebulizer (mouthpiece-type) Download

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