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      They Breathe Oxygen while Driving Trains

      2020-06-03 瀏覽(887)

      What is the experience

      while working on the world's highest railway

      Driving a train while breathing oxygen?

      It's not a legend

      On the Qinghai-Tibet Railway

      This kind of thing is very common

      China Railway Qinghai-Tibet Group Co. LTD

      Golmud locomotive depot is carrying

      Train traction on The Gela section of Qinghai-Tibet Railway

      The feat of "driving a train while breathing oxygen"

      It was done by the train driver here

      We interviewed a few people

      The highland "Iron Man" who works here

      Learn about working on the world's highest railway

      What kind of experience is it

      From:《They Breathe Oxygen while Driving Trains》, China National Radio Network, China Railway, June 14 and 15, 2019



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